We have a wide choice of quality stock Plastic Packaging solutions available for prompt delivery - no matter how small the order. Our reputation for quality packaging has been carefully built up over 80 years.

Our standard rages include:
Scoops, Boxes
Thin Walled Jars, Thick Walled Jars
Rigid Tubes
Plastic Bottles
• Measures, Soap Boxes
• Spatulas and Spoons

Made in England Manufactured and stocked in England by Measom Freer

Company policy of continual product improvement may result in technical, dimensional and other specifications being subject to change without notice. It is strongly recommended that users should establish for themselves the suitability of any product for their application. Freedom under patents, copyright and registered designs cannot be assumed.

Please inform us if you need our products manufactured in specific materials, to comply with legislation or, for example, a pharmaceutical grade, so that we may source the correct material for your products.

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Made In England
by Measom Freer