100% Recycled Plastic Scoops in the UK by Measom Freer

Make. Use. Repeat

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100% recycled plastic bottles and pp Caps & Scoops / Measures now available to order at Measom Freer

We are proud to announce we can produce our ever popular #polythenebottle ranges and #measuringscoops / #handscoops and other injection moulded products in fully #postconsumerrecycled #pcrplastic. Bottles made to order in #pcr #hdpe  from 2.5ml to 1 litre derived from Natural Blow Moulding Bottle Grade Compound. The material has an off natural colour but can be coloured to suit your needs.

Scoops made to order in #recycled black PP, these measuring scoops range in size from 0.5 to 150ml and are ideal for the precise dispensing and dosing of #powders, and liquids making them suitable for a wide range of product sectors. Please note that this material is not food approved so suits #homeproducts, #gardenproducts & industrial use. Logos or company details can also be printed onto the handles.

Most of our other products can also be made in this material on request. In today’s climate of environmental awareness we are aware of our responsibilities as packaging producers, having recently been awarded a British Standard in Environmental Management (BSI ISO 14001:2015). Our products are designed and manufactured by us here in the UK.

Ask our sales team for samples and to place an order.

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