Dumpy doesn’t have to mean frumpy!

The design team at Measom Freer think so, they are pleased to announce the addition of new 150ml & 300ml sizes to their popular stock Dumpy bottle range. The name of these bottles perfectly describes the shape of this cute looking round bottle, manufactured from stock in clear PVC. The collection is available in 30ml (Ref 6114) with 18mm R4 neck, 60ml (Ref 6216) with 18mm R4 neck size & NEW 150ml (Ref 6218) with 24mm R4 Neck & 300ml (Ref 6183) with 28mm R4 neck size. Originally designed as an amenity bottle, the range has proved so popular that larger sizes are now being introduced.

*The 100ml size is nearly ready for samples. More sizes to come soon.

Measom Freer also stock a wide range of caps and closures to fit these bottles including flip and disc caps, spray, gel & lotion pumps and tall, spouted and dropper caps.

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