Measom Freer Get The Green Light

The well established plastic packaging manufacturer Measom Freer is proud to announce it has achieved the British Standard 8555 Certified Environmental Management System. This is a standard that gives the company a framework for the systematic management of energy and keeps its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Having recently been independently audited they can now show how much environmental issues are at its core. As holders of a British Standard for Quality Management Systems (EN ISO 9001), they are aware how important it is for their customers to know they are using a company with proven credentials and standards in both quality and the environment.

A decision was made to undertake attainment of this standard following feedback from customers looking for companies who will comply with environmental standards and demonstrate their commitment to the environment in all day-to-day operations. The benefits to Measom Freer have been enhanced employee motivation & morale, more cost savings and efficiencies, continuation of legal compliance, continual performance data and a competitive advantage. This is a win win benefit to its customers who can not only be assured that Measom Freer are running their business as efficiently as possible, allowing it to keep its prices competitive, but also they are doing it with a green conscience and the customer can take comfort that the products they buy are that bit greener too.

A minimum of 10% post production regrind goes into all their stock products, and with post consumer and industrial recycled plastic now more widely available, they can now produce the majority of their products in PCR. So if you are looking for a company who is committed to controlling its effect on the environment and quality products too contact our Sales Team now.

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