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Get your products to your customers fast and direct with our Post Bottles and postage friendly containers.

With the increased customer focus on postable items such as health foods, drinks and gifts, UK plastic bottle manufacturers Measom Freer have developed their very own Post Bottle (Ref 6143). With a flat rectangular shape, the bottle can easily be boxed and posted through standard letterboxes, fitting the UK large letter dimensions. Made from clear PVC, which is fully recyclable . It has a capacity of 100ml with an 18mm R4 neck size. It also be made in other plastics such as PE and PETG, with colours available to order. A wide range of caps and closures to suit are also available from Measom Freer, samples and orders can be placed here on this website link : 100ml Post Bottle 6143

Why choose postable recyclable plastic bottles? 

Our postable plastic bottle and products ranges have been one of our most highly rated by customers who want sell to their customers so that they have a steady stream of product delivered without the need to go out shopping.

By manufacturing high-quality recyclable plastic bottles that can be conveniently pushed through your letterbox, we have been able to support a wide range of customers in keeping their customers supplied all-year around.

What’s more is that our postable plastic bottles are fully customisable allowing you to alter the colour, shape and cap type to suit your purpose.

What can you send in postable bottles?

Today, we have such a wide range of letterbox services, with access to everything from postable flowers to sweets, whiskeys to even cheese!

So, when it comes to using our postable plastic bottles, the options of contents are pretty limitless.

Many of our customers have their own small businesses, and benefit from using our postable bottles as attractive containers for lotions, bath products, e-liquids, even brewing kits. But you don’t have to stop there! If it fits in the bottle and is safe to ship in the UK, then the sky’s the limit on how you can use our postable plastic bottles!

Order your Post Bottles today!

Other Measom Freer Postage Size Products

Cat. No.      Description                                           Material                  Neck Size

6103V          2.5ml Metric Bottle                       Clear PVC               15mm R4

6103PET     2.5ml Metric PETG Bottle              Clear PETG             15mm R4

6103PE        2.5ml Jubilee Bottle                      Nat. HDPE              15mm R4

6105V          5ml Metric Bottle                           Clear PVC               15mm R4

6105PET     5ml Metric PETG Bottle                  Clear PETG             15mm R4

6105PE        5ml Jubilee Bottle                          Nat. HDPE              15mm R4

6128V          10ml Metric Bottle                         Clear PVC               15mm R4

6128PE        10ml Jubilee Bottle                        Nat. HDPE              15mm R4

6128PET     10ml Metric PETG Bottle                Clear PETG             15mm R4

6910             10ml Bradgate Bottle                    Clear PVC               18mm R4

6100V          15ml Metric Bottle                         Clear PVC               15mm R4

6100PET     15ml Metric PETG Bottle                Clear PETG             15mm R4

6100PE        15ml Jubilee / Metric PE Bottle    Nat. HDPE              15mm R4

6210V          15ml Tube Bottle                           Clear PVC               18mm R4

6210PE        15ml Tube Bottle                           Nat. HDPE              18mm R4

6500             15ml Griffin Bottle                        Clear PVC               15mm R4

6166             20ml Rectangular Bottle               White HDPE           15mm R4

6018V          20ml Cylindrical / Tube Bottle       Clear PVC               18mm R4

6570             25ml Griffin Bottle                         Clear PVC               15mm R4

6470             25ml Wyvern Bottle                      Clear PVC               15mm R4

6156             30ml Opal Bottle                           Clear PVC               15mm R4

6211TV          30ml Tube Bottle                         Clear PVC               20mm R4

6211PE        30ml Tube Bottle                           Nat. HDPE              20mm R4

6471             50ml Wyvern Bottle                      Clear PVC               18mm R4

6143             100ml Post Bottle                         Clear PVC               18mm R4


4236             Small Box: Clear GPPS            14.5 x 42 x 31mm External

3009             Flat Box: Clear GPPS               16.5 x 89.5 x 68.5mm External

4721             Box: Clear GPPS                       20.5 x 51.5 x 38.5mm External

4250             Box (Medium): Clear GPPS       22.5 x 101.5 x 81.5mm External

3007             Round Box: Clear GPPS            21 x Ø77.5mm External


3012             5ml Screw-on Cap Tube                   Clear GPPS            Ø17 x 61.5mm Inc. Cap

3010             17ml Screw-on Cap Tube                 Clear GPPS            Ø24 x 73mm Inc. Cap

4613             17ml Push-on Cap Tube                   Clear GPPS            Ø20.5 x 81mm Inc. Cap

4586             25ml Push-on Cap Tube                   Nat. HDPE              Ø25 x 85.5mm  Inc. Cap

4586CLR     25ml Push-on Cap Tube: Clear PP        Ø25.5 x 87mm Inc. Cap - Coming SOON!


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