Where to buy plastic bottles wholesale UK - Here of course!

You may be in the very early stages of your product development, an SME looking for alternative packaging solutions or a large international company wanting to explore wholesale suppliers.

Whatever your reason for being here, Measom Freer can offer you a range of wholesale plastic bottles and caps, along with many other packaging services, including custom moulding and printing services. And as we’ve been established since 1937, it’s safe to say we have all the plastic packaging expertise you’ll ever require!


Why buy plastic bottles and caps in bulk from UK based supplier Measom Freer?

Aside from our wealth of experience, competitive pricing and first-class service, we are proud to be committed to lowering our greenhouse gas emissions, our carbon footprint, and, in turn, our impact on the environment.

When you buy your plastic bottles and caps in bulk from Measom Freer, you can rest assured that we always use recycled and fully recyclable thermoplastics in our custom moulding production process, and these are always responsibly sourced. All our products are manufactured in the UK with a minimum of 30% recycled content (PCR).

Because our injection moulding and blow moulding processes only ever use recycled and fully recyclable plastics, this not only benefits the environment, but is also far more cost-effective for you, our customer.


Reduce carbon footprint by responsibly sourcing plastic bottles and caps in bulk

As we can take care of all your plastic packaging requirements in-house, this not only makes things much easier for you, but reduces our carbon footprint even further, as your packaging will not be transported elsewhere unnecessarily.

Additionally, when your customers discover that you are choosing to purchase your plastic bottles and caps in bulk from an environmentally responsible supplier, they’re likely to have a far more positive view of your business.

And keeping contract manufacturing of your plastic packaging within the UK will keep your carbon footprint down, too, if your company is also UK based.


What kind of plastic bottles and caps do we sell?

Measom Freer stock a wide range of plastic bottles suitable for toiletries, cosmetics, industrial liquids, powders, gels and much more. We can manufacture plastic bottles of all sizes, right the way up to 1.5 litres.

As for plastic caps, we have a huge choice available, in a range of colours. The majority of our plastic caps correspond to the European R4 standard, which fits a 415 thread size.

Just like our bottles, our plastic caps are fully recyclable. Our caps are made from recyclable polypropylene and our bottle neck and nozzle plugs are made from recyclable LDPE. This makes our plastic packaging the green choice for all your products.

Buy plastic spray bottles in bulk

Our plastic spray bottles are one of our most popular products and are suitable for a wide range of products that require a fine mist application. They’re available in either a clear, semi transparent or white plastic finish.

Ideal for packaging cleaning products such as antibacterial surface cleaners and glass cleaners, you can buy our HDPE or PET plastic spray bottles in bulk for many other purposes, too.

The plastic spray caps for our bottles come in a range of colours, so you can choose a colour to suit your brand. You can also pick the type of trigger head spray cap you’d like - either a stream or spray style application.

Contact us today to buy plastic bottles and caps in bulk

We recommend that you perform a product test before deciding to commit to a large order. As Measom Freer are a wholesaler of plastic packaging, the minimum quantity you can order is a box of any item. Plastic caps are the exception to this – you can order these individually to suit the number of plastic bottles purchased. Simply select the exact number you’d like, and we’ll automatically round this up to the nearest box size.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for on our website, get in touch. We can custom make any kind of plastic bottles and caps to your exact specifications.

Just give us a call on 0116 288 1588 or send us a message today and a knowledgeable member of our team will get back to you shortly.


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