Nozzle Plug / Nozzle Cap Bottles

Our Recyclable Nozzle Plug Bottles are available from stock for use with our Nozzle Plugs & Caps, for single drop dispensing of liquids. Below is a table of our standard stock bottles that fit three sizes of nozzle plug and matching cap. Clicking on the box will take you to that bottle.

Our Nozzle Cap and Nozzle Plug details can be found [here].

Our new  Recycled Nozzle Cap details can be found [here].

Now available with PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled Material) content on request.  If you require we can manufacture these bottles with 50% Recycled HDPE and 50% standard LDPE meeting the proposed UK 30% plastic tax.

We can also make these bottles from 100% PCR HDPE

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Nozzle plug bottles are suitable for a range of applications including alcohol gels and adhesives, as diagnostic bottles, acrylic paints, alcohol ink and paints, extender, hoby and craft products, oils and lubricants, craft inks, reinkers, uv resin colours, cake decorating, solvents and industrial use.

Most of our ranges such as Bradgate and Griffin can all be used with nozzle plugs expanding the range of uses for each collection considerably. We stock three sizes in the nozzle plugs to cover the range of bottle sizes available across our entire collection.

All of our bottles are manufactured from recyclable plastic.

The table below allows you to find your ideal bottle; the coloured squares link directly to the chosen bottle where the matching nozzle plug and cap are available in matching quantities within Suggested Options. 

Our stocked Nozzle Plug Bottle Range is manufactured by us in recyclable HDPE (High Density Polythene) and Clear PVC, however, other materials like LDPE & PP & PETG are available to order.

See individual bottle details below for specific materials.

Nozzle plugs are available in natural LDPE, with additional colours available to order. Nozzle caps are available in white Polypropylene with black & other colours available on demand. For samples, please contact our sales department.

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To match bottle or jar quantities with the available caps please go the chosen bottle or jar page and click on Info next to the size you need. A list of all the cap options will then appear in Suggested Options with the quantity automatically matching. If you wish to buy more than one bottle type but need the same cap for all, or you need a different cap quantity simply add all items to the basket where you can then adjust the quantity of caps to the desired amount. Top tip: highlight and type over the amount in the box then click "Update".

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Measom Freer has a diverse range of bottles for use across all applications. We manufacture strong and robust bottles that offer a solid container for chemicals and other hazardous materials. We recommend these bottles for use within agriculture, animal health, automotive, industrial, laboratory, analytical and pharmaceutical as well as education and museum archiving, where the handling of harmful substances is common.

Our bottles also come in a variety of different colours and materials making them suitable for high street use to add style to any collection of products. The bottles, designed and manufactured by Measom Freer, are practical and stylish making them suitable for use within the beauty and cosmetics industry, food and wholesale, health, wellness and nutrition, hobbies and craft, adult industries, home and bathroom, ink and printing and contract fillers. When you are looking for a bottle to meet the demands of your product, Measom Freer is sure to have the one for you.

Bottle Range
Amber Metric
Metric Polythene
Recycled Bottles
Recycled Jubilee Round
Recycled Jubilee Round Bottle
Recycled Tall Round Bottles
Recycled Tall Round Martlet Bottles
15mm Nozzle Plug & Cap
Plug: Cat. No 3115
Cap: Cat. No 3116
18mm Nozzle Plug & Cap
Plug: Cat. No 3118
Cap: Cat. No 3119
20mm Nozzle Plug & Cap
Plug: Cat. No 3120
Cap: Cat. No 3121