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Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT)

Please find a summary of the tax specific to Measom Freer products as follows.

  1. HMRC have introduced a Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) with the intention of increasing the amount of recycled plastics being used. 
  2. As a result, any plastic packaging which does not incorporate the minimum of 30% of recycled plastic will incur a £210.82 per tonne PPT. 
  3. Here at Measom Freer, we as a manufacturer (re-processor), will pay the tax (as per HMRC guidelines). If your products fall under this tax, there will be an entry on your invoice to indicate that the tax has been included in your prices.
  4. “Plastic Packaging”, as far as Measom Freer is concerned, equates to our bottles, caps & closures, jars & lids, boxes and tubes.
  5. Products exempt made by Measom Freer, so not required to pay any PPT, are measuring scoops, hand scoops, spatulas, spoons and fasteners.
  6. Packaging in direct contact with products covered by the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 are also considered exempt. If you wish to claim exemption from PPT please send documentation prior to ordering after 1/4/22.
  7. If we directly export our products, we do not need to charge the PPT.
  8. If products are indirectly exported within 12 months of us supplying them, then the tax can be credited back once we have received confirmation of export. However, it does need to be charged in the first instance.
  9. Currently we are to source recycled material (PCR & PIR) and supply all our products with this included but not all the recycled material is food approved. As always you will need to satisfy yourself that the products, we supply to you meet the requirements for their application.
  10. We can produce our polythene bottle ranges in 100% fully post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic or even the minimum of 30% too.
  11. Our Martlet Bottle Range is available from stock in Recycled rMDPE and our other Bottle Ranges can be made to order in PCR PE from 2.5ml to 2 litres derived from natural blow moulding bottle grade compound. The material has an off-white colour but can be coloured-adapted to suit your needs. Our fasteners and hand scoops can also be manufactured with this material.


  1. We can supply our caps in white & black recycled PP. Our measuring scoops and hand scoops, jars, spatulas, tubes and boxes can be made in dark grey recycled polystyrene (rHIPS) which looks great.


  1. Whilst the PPT is initially based on a minimum of 30% inclusion of recycled material and £210.82 per tonne, we are certain that the % requirement and tax won't go down.

We hope the above has been useful and if you would like to know more about whether your order will be affected by this tax, please contact our Sales Team 0116 2881588 or email [email protected] and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.