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Made to British Standards for your Peace of Mind

Offering an unrivalled catalogue of bottles, caps, measuring scoops, jars and storage boxes of all shapes and sizes we are your complete packaging provider.
Established 1937

With over 85 years of experience

20 Million

Quality parts produced per year

UK Based

Parts and Tools Made In Britain


Injection/ Blow Moulding Machines

PETG Metric Boston Round Bottles

Thin Walled Jars

Thick Walled Jars

Small Boxes

Display Boxes

Small Clear Tubes

Recycled rPP Food Approved Measuring Scoops (exempt from PPT)

White Recycled Caps (exempt from PPT)

Easy Grip Trigger Spray Bottles

Jerry Can

Bottle Plugs

Measuring Scoops (exempt from PPT)

Recycled Jubilee Round Bottles (exempt from PPT)

Hand Scoops (exempt from PPT)

Black Recycled Caps (exempt from PPT)

Recycled Martlet Tall Boston Round Bottles (exempt from PPT)

Platinum Boston Round White Metric Bottles

Spatulas, Spoons and Stirrers (exempt from PPT)

Martlet Tall Round Polythene Bottles

Screw Caps

Adjustable Fasteners (exempt from PPT)

Tall Round Tube Bottles

Nozzle Caps and Plugs

Drive Fasteners (exempt from PPT)

Jubilee Round Polythene Bottles

Dropper Caps

Polythene Metric Boston Round Bottles

Spouted Caps

Metric Boston Round Bottles [PVC]

Fine Ribbed Caps

Hotel Bottles

Tall Caps

Bradgate Square Bottles

Flip Caps

Amber Metric Boston Round

Disc Caps

Charnwood Oval Bottles

Luer Caps

Classic Square Bottles

Jar Caps

Cylindrical / Round Bottles

Spray and Gel Pumps

Dumpy / Squat Boston Round Bottles

Lotion Pumps and Trigger Spray

Europa Tall Boston Round Bottles

Fosse Caps

Fosse Oval Polythene Tottle / Bottles

Ball Caps

Griffin Oval Bottles

Nature Tall Square Bottles

Pageant Triangular Bottle

Quadra Square Bottles

Rectangular Bottles

Screw On Dropper Cap Bottles

Snap On Dropper Cap Bottles

Swithland Round Tapered Bottles

Wyvern Rectangular Bottles

What We Do

We are British manufacturers of quality bottles, caps, closures, measuring scoops and more. All our products are made from recycled and recyclable plastics. We are one of the most experienced Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding manufacturers in the UK, operating out of our Leicester based state-of-the-art factory.

We have two main manufacturing processes:

Extrusion Blow Moulding

  • Capable of catering for mass production and trial runs
  • Low upfront costs
  • Caters for many industries from health and beauty to industrial products
  • Flexible process allows for changes to weights and neck sizes with ease
  • Versatile equipment means complex shapes can be produced
  • Lends itself easily to producing ‘green’ parts with recycled materials


Injection Moulding

  • Produces a high volume of parts at low unit costs
  • Hot runner process allow for low cycles times with mass production
  • Cold runner process allows for low cost short-run production
  • Offers unrivalled precision and repeatability for technical parts
  • Efficient process which creates no waste
  • Huge choice of materials available which makes it suitable for almost all applications 
Value Added Services

Custom Moulding

Our custom moulding service involves designing and producing a plastic product exactly to your specification and requirements. We can manufacture bespoke packaging, flexible polythene bellows, technical mouldings, parts, components, bottles, jars, bellows, boxes, caps, plugs, measures, spatulas, scoops, spoons, tubes, fasteners and more.
Value Added Services

In-House Design and Tool Room

Our Design Department and In-House Toolroom are equipped with the latest CAD/CAM facilities for component design, 3D visualisation and modelling. We can manufacture prototypes of your required designs for you to evaluate before full production - so you can be confident the final product will look exactly as you’re expecting and function as...
Value Added Services

Product Tailoring Service

As well as our wide range of stock products and custom moulding services, we are also happy to look at making small alterations to our stocked ranges to help you achieve your desired look, without breaking the bank. Bottlenecks can be altered and any colour choices sourced, making your products look perfect. We work closely with our Masterbatch...
Value Added Services

Printing and Labelling

Whether it’s essential for your plastic bottles to stand out on the shelf, you want your company name and logo to be remembered, or you’d just like to create a container that really looks the part, then our design and printing service is for you. We offer extensive choice and customisation, with product design, printing and labelling...
Value Added Services

Dip Tube Cutting

We can cut dip tubes to any length you require for the perfect dosage of your product. Tubes can be customised for any of our existing stock range and also for any custom bottles on short notice.