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Postage Size Bottles, Tubes & Boxes made from

Recycled Plastic Available From Stock 

Our Post Bottle is designed to be able to be sent with Royal Mail as a large letter 

Our thinner rectangular bottles are also proving a popular choice for our customers 

Other post size bottles are the 10ml Bradgate, 20ml Rectangular & 25 & 50ml Wyvern Bottles.

Bottle Caps and Lids From stock

Our plastic caps come in various types and can be matched to seal any of the large ranges

of bottles we have available. The types of caps we offer include everything from the

convenient flip cap to the more traditional screw cap and cover all manner of

shapes and sizes – ball caps, spouted caps, nozzles and plugs

…to name just a few.

Instagram:  @measomfreer

Made to British standards
for your peace of mind

BSI ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, Certificate No FM13440

BSI ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, Certificate No EMS675539

Small clear boxes  From stock


Manufactured from recyclable plastic. Boxes to store and display, archaeological samples, archaeological finds, worm counts, laboratory use, veterinary laboratry use, survey cataloguing or fieldwork samples, mining samples, rocks and minerals, crystals, nail art materials, crafts, jewellery, screws & nails and small building fixing items, flies for fly fishing, forensic specimens etc

Instagram:  @measomfreer

Recyclable plastic packaging for all industries

With plastic bottles, lids, containers and fasteners, we can meet

all of your needs.



Instagram:  @measomfreer

Recyclable plastic containers

& bottles for any application

Buy online direct from stock.


Instagram: @measomfreer

Our Products

 Recyclable Plastic Bottles 

If you are looking for quality recyclable plastic bottles at great prices, then you’re in the right place.
As one of the leading plastic bottle manufacturers in the UK, here at Measom Freer, we understand the importance of excellent choice and customer service. Offering an unrivalled range of recyclable plastic bottles, we are confident we can help you to source the ideal bottle for your needs. What’s more, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our product range below – we’ll make it for you with our custom moulding option.
Whether it’s beauty & cosmetic products, skin & hair care, car detailing products, chemical containers, food produce or something truly weird and wonderful,
the perfect recyclable plastic bottle is only a click away.  
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Applications / Products

Looking for high quality plastic products? Searching for a company that takes its responsibility to the environment as seriously as its service? Then you’ve found it!

At Measom Freer, we are experts in the manufacturing of environmentally friendly plastic bottles and containers in the UK, making us the go-to plastic bottle suppliers for a wide variety of industries. Taking care of everything from the design and product tailoring to the moulding and production, every item we produce is designed to be as recyclable as possible, whilst still meeting exceptionally high quality and environmental standards.

Recyclable Plastic bottles 
Whatever you are looking to store, we have bottles of all shapes, sizes and colours available, with everything from our classic range to the more distinctive Quadra, Nature or Yin Yang ranges.
So, whether it’s shelf appeal or practicality that’s your main objective, we’ve got you covered.

Plastic Caps
When it comes to the all-important seal and crowning feature to your plastic bottle, we recognise the significance of choice - which is why our collection of plastic caps is every bit as extensive as our bottle ranges. From the convenience of a flip cap or nozzle to the more traditional screwcap and our new stock range of Recycled PP Caps, made from recycled vehicle batteries! 
Discover all these and more with Measom Freer.

Plastic Containers
Complimenting our plastic bottle range, we also have over 80 years of experience in manufacturing high quality plastic containers too. From jars and boxes to rigid tubes, check out what’s available now.

Measuring and Fastening
Measures, Spatulas and spoons through to scoops and adjustable fasteners, whether you need precision measuring or convenient dispensing or fastening, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Environmentally Focused 
We’re more than just your average plastic bottle suppliers! As one of the leading plastic bottle suppliers in the UK, we take our contribution to the environment extremely seriously.
That’s why each of our products is designed using recyclable thermoplastic and is responsibly sourced. 
It is thanks to our forward-thinking approach to the environment, recyclable plastic, new investment in energy efficient machinery and works environmental controls that we managed to reduce our electricity and gas usage by 13% in 2019! A figure we are constantly striving to improve further.

Custom Moulding and Printing Services
Working with a wide range of industries, we offer bespoke services to allow you to create high quality, recyclable plastic bottles and containers that fit seamlessly with your business.
With custom moulding and bespoke printing, we’re the plastic bottle suppliers that can take your ideas and transform them into a recognisable and powerful component of your branding.

Made in Britain - Exporting to Europe and Worldwide
We’re proud of our manufacturing facility here in Britain and hope that our quality shines through. We hope you agree and look forward to seeing your products in our packaging.
We export worldwide so contact us to see how we can help get your business moving forward with our products.


Recyclable Bottle Ranges
 With options for recyclable and recycled materials, different capacities, shapes and caps, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, here at Measom Freer.
With extensive choice available, you can tailor products to meet your exact requirements.
Also here's a link to our catalogue download page 

large view of the front cover of Measom Freer's 2017-2018 product catalogue on a white background.