Here at Measom Freer we
offer a wide choice of recyclable plastic bottles, plastic containers, bottle caps & tops, dispensing caps, lids, scoops, measures, boxes, tubes and plastic packaging solutions manufactured by us and available direct from stock.

Our products suit every industry.

We don't compromise on quality so your products can be packaged in the best possible way.

We are a family run business based in Leicester, UK and our manufacturing processes are Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM) for bottle blowing & Injection Moulding for caps & packaging etc. 

We can also Custom Mould your own products for you. Contact us & let us know what you would like. We will bespoke design & manufacture it, tailor made to your own requirements. We can also make Polythene Bellows to suit your designs.

Minimum Order Quantity from ONE BOX of Bottles. For caps we will match the quantity to the bottle quantity when purchased together.


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      How to Order Instructions                                                      BS ISO 14001: 2015 (Certificate No. EMS 675539)  BS EN ISO 9001 (2008) (Certificate No. FM 13440)          

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              Minimum Order: One Box. Measom Freer, Plastic Bottles direct from Stock       Our bottles can be recycled, time and time again!        Measom Freer, your green choice for plastic bottles and packaging

Our bottles & products made by us can be recycled time & time again!

Email Measom Freer sales@measomfreer.co.uk   Tel: +44 (0)116 2881588  @measomfreer @MeasomFreer  @measomfreer @measomfreer

Plastic Bottle Ranges: Click on the bottle name for information & the image for a larger image

Metric PVC Bottle


Martlet MDPE Bottle


250ml Yin Yang PE Bottle 6187
Yin Yang

Fosse PE Plastic Bottle / Tottle

Nature PVC Plastic Bottle

Bradgate PVC Plastic Bottle Range

Pageant Bottle


Charnwood PETG Plastic Bottle Range

Quadra Plastic Bottle Range

Swithland, Conical Plastic Bottle Range


Europa Bottle Range



Classic Bottle Range


Griffin Bottle Range


Wyvern Bottle Range
Jubilee HDPE Bottle RangeJubileeAmenity and Hotel Plastic Bottles

125ml PE Tube Bottle

Tube Bottle

Snap-On Dropper Cap Bottles: For solvents, methanol and optical Cleaners, Degreasers & Removers for glass etc




Screw-on Dropper Cap bottles. Precise dispensing | Measom Freer


Dropper Bottles

Nozzle Plug and Nozzle Cap bottles. Drop dispensing | Measom Freer

Nozzle Plug Bottles

Amber Brown PVC range of Boston Round bottles | Measom Freer

Amber Metric

Glossy white Boston Round plastic bottles from stock | Measom Freer


PETG range of clear glossy Boston Round bottles and containers| UK Made




Cylindrical stock range of Boston Round polythene bottles | UK Made

Polythene Metric


Cylindrical stock range of pvc and polythene plastic bottles | UK Made


Rectangular Plastic Bottles


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One Box

Minimum Order: One Box. Measom Freer, Plastic Bottles direct from Stock


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Measom Freer Plastic Bottles & Packaging Web Catalogue 2016 - 2017

Measom Freer


Catalogue (pdf)

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 The PlastiBlog  - What's new this Summer at Measom Freer - May 2018


      Email Measom Freer  sales@measomfreer.co.uk      Tel: +44 (0) 116 288 1588

.BS ISO 14001: 2015 (Certificate No. EMS 675539)

Measom Freer are proud to announce we have achieved the BSI ISO 14001:2015 Certificate in Environmental Management

Measom Freer believes it has a moral duty to protect the natural environment and we are committed to minimising their global impact as a business by improving resource efficiency, reducing waste and reducing costs. We ensure our stock products are sustainable by sourcing materials such as polythene that can be readily recycled, PPR (post production regrind) is also used in all of our stock products.

We believe that our customers should also be offered the choice of using eco materials, like Bio-based Copolyester and rHDPE (a PCR Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE) and we can offer these on a made to order basis for our products.


Measom Freer, your green choice for plastic bottles and packaging

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The BPF releases video conveying the multiple lives of plastics:

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) has released an innovative new film intended to communicate the

recyclability of plastics to a broad and non-technical audience. Information: >>Link<<


The 750ml Martlet bottle is now available (the 750ml 

Europa Bottle will be available in 2018).

All our 750ml bottles have a 28mm R4 (28-415) necks which

fit our standard ranges of

dispensing caps/lotion pumps.

The new 750ml Metric Range Bottle (Catalogue 6081) is now

 in stock. The bottle is stocked in PVC and is also available in PETG & colours to order. 

Neck size: 28mm R4 (28-415).

750ml Martlet Polythene Bottle added to the stock range.  750ml Metric Bottle

Measom Freer Small Plastic Boxes: We stock High quality Boxes manufactured in clear Polystyrene from stock. Available in colours to order.

For the packaging, storage & display of a wide variety of products, including retail, museums,archaeological specimens, watch & camera repairs, hobby, craft, fly tying materials, pot pourri, dried spices, wedding rose petals & confetti, archive, laboratory samples, spare parts, analysis, NHS, education, beads & beading, specimen storage, sweets, small parts, museums, fossils, gemstones, collecting, figures, schools, labs, forensic, analysis, test kits, seeds, dental implants, crowns, bridges, temporaries etc.

Small clear plastic boxes from stock for retail, museums, archive, seeds, repairs, spares, test kits, laboratory samples, crown boxes, analysis, NHS, education, specimens, sweets | Measom Freer

The NEW range of cylindrical Tube Bottles with tube

caps are now in stock. There are FOUR new sizes, with four different necksThere is a 21ml (6018V available in PVC)  100ml (6120 available in natural MDPE), 125ml (6213) and 250ml (6214) in PVC & MDPE.

100ml MDPE Tube Bottle with 22-400 Tube Cap   100ml MDPE Cylindrical Bottle with 24mm R4 CapNew 100ml versions
The 100, 125 & 250ml sizes are availble as Tottles
New 21ml, 100ml, 125ml & 250ml Tube Bottles

We have added four more sizes to our popular Metric PETG range of bottles which are already in stock. They are 25ml, 75ml, 125ml & 500ml sizes.

PETG offers superb clarity and good chemical resistance and is recyclable with standard straight PET.

Ask for samples today!

Our Clear PETG Range of Boston round bottles are available from stock. Amber, Black, Trans Blue, White & colours are available to order.

Our UK Manufacturing Site and Offices


                 Email Measom Freer  sales@measomfreer.co.uk               Tel: +44 (0) 116 288 1588


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