Plastic Caps.

If you’re wondering where to buy plastic bottle caps - Measom Freer can help. We have a wide range of plastic caps and dispensing caps available from stock in black and white - with additional colour choices available to order in all lid choices including our most popular plastic screw caps. Most of our caps correspond to the European R4 standard which fits 415 thread sizes.

Plastic bottle caps are used across all industries, in various forms. With a recent awareness and emphasis being placed on sustainability, it’s important to us here at Measom Freer, that we do our bit for the planet. All of our plastic caps are manufactured in recyclable polypropylene (caps) and recyclable LDPE (neck plugs and nozzle plugs) so we offer a green choice for your products, no matter what your requirements.


Benefits of plastic caps

There are numerous advantages to using plastic cover caps. Not only are they affordable, durable and customisable but they can also be applied to a huge range of products – and our varied selection ensures that no matter what your industry, we will have an option that fits.

So, whether you are in the food and beverage industry, cosmetics and beauty or even chemical storage, furniture design or electronic supplies – our selection of plastic cover caps can be utilised to create practical applications.

Check out our range, including fine ribbed caps, ideal for use with rectangular bottles, and our popular dropper caps, often used within the health and beauty industries thanks to its ability to slowly decant measured amounts of liquid. All of our plastic bottle caps for sale come in varying sizes, and many are available in different colours including standard white and black.

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