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Here at Measom Freer we believe sustainable packaging is the way forward.


View our Ecologi profile here.

We are actively working towards offsetting our carbon footprint, which we have done by partnering with Ecologi. Any orders placed with us will contribute directly to our Measom Freer Forest. Ecologi is a British organisation that allows UK businesses and individuals to financially support environmental projects of two different natures: tree planting and carbon reduction.

Since joining Ecologi in September 2022 we have planted hundreds of trees and reduced carbon across a whole different variety of projects worldwide:

  • Planting forest gardens in Tanzania

This project works with partner Trees for the Future over a two year period where over 1.8 million trees will be planted , involving 600 local farmers.

  • Protecting and restoring Andean forests in Bolivia

This project sees Global Forest Generation work with Ecologi to plant 300,000 trees in the Andes mountains over the next 2 years.

  • Reforesting around the UK

The Protect Earth team works with Ecologi and UK members of Ecologi can specifically request for local trees to be planted. They have been planted all across the UK with main objectives including reducing carbon in the atmosphere, reducing flood risks and improving air quality.

  • Generating electricity from landfill gas in Brazil

This project uses methane produced in the landfills and uses it to generate energy. Two engines will be used to produce 350,000 MWh of energy during their lifetime.

  • Fuel efficient cookstoves in Honduras

This aims to reduce the use of biomass like wood for cooking on open top stoves and makes them more efficient, largely reducing the amount of wood needed to cook a meal.

  • Producing electricity from wind power in Northeast Thailand

The demand for energy in Thailand is expected to rise by 78% by 2036, so looking at renewable sources for this area is urgent. This project looks at wind farms West Huaybong 2 and 3 which will generate 500,000 MWh of electricity a year, which prevents 250,000 tonnes of CO2 being emitted each year.


You can keep up to date with our Carbon reduction activity through our Ecologi profile here.

We also have a number of others procedures in place to maximise our sustainability efforts:

  • PPT statement: We fully comply with the HMRC Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT). Any plastic packaging which does not incorporate the minimum of 30% of recycled plastic will incur a £200 per tonne PPT.
  • Our procedures are certified by BSI to Environment Standard ISO 14001.
  • We are members of RECOUP (Recycling of Used Plastics Limited) which is committed to securing sustainable, circular and practical solutions for plastic resources both in the UK and worldwide.
  • We are certified for packaging compliance by Valpack for our annual recycling and recovery obligations.