Animal Health

A wide range of products suitable for animal & reptile health, animal nutrition, veterinary and general pet care. Pet food measuring scoops are perfect for bird food, additives & vitamin supplement measures. Bottles for dog shampoo & conditioner, parasite control, topical ointment, antibacterial and antifungal solution, soothing cream, pet floor and surface cleaner. Sprays for infection control, calming sprays, dental care, antiseptics, grooming, dropper bottles for aquarium additives and water treatment, ear cleaners, skin care, vitamin supplement solutions, homeopathic remedies and behavioural drops, jars for care gels, conditioning grease, fish food and more.

Our range suit the equine markets with bottles and scoops being used for shampoo & conditioners, food scoops, vitamin and supplements measures. Jars are ideal for grooming products, diet supplements, tack/leather care and pharmaceutical products. Whether you are looking for a dropper cap for liquid supplements, a screw cap bottle for tack/leather care and saddle oil or a more functional gel/ spray pump for lighter lotion grooming product gels; we have a huge variety of closures available from stock. You'll find whatever your packaging need for equine care products, feeds, parasite control, oils, diet supplements and additives. Scoops can be used in a wide variety of dosage and bulk handling applications including, horse feeds, processing, veterinary, dosage, retail and more.