For all your automotive industry requirements such as bottles up to 1 litre sizes for car shampoo, oil, snow foam, screen washes, refils & dilution bottles, hand cleansers, cutting compounds, citrus-based cleaning agents, spirit-based solvents, detailing products, trim cleaner, quartz, diamond and carbon coatings, automotive glass and windscreen treatments, anti-corrosion wax, tyre rubber sealants, plastics washes, protective coatings, chrome polishes, car care products, leather care products, mixing bottles, scratch removers, leather polish, engine additives, trigger sprays and finger sprays for hydrophobic spray sealants, glazes, wheel cleaners, car and bike detailing. jars for car waxes, metal polish and pastes. Cable and beaded ties for assembly. Small tubes and boxes for spare parts and small component protection.