Educational & Museum Archiving

Museum: Small clear boxes and jars for storing small artefacts and specimens, conservation cleaning granules, glazes, whitening chemicals, clay poultice powder, silica gel, carnauba wax, museum wax and bees wax and balms. Bottles with sprays for surface and glass cleaning, polishes, antistatic and disinfectant and hand sanitiser products. Bottles with more precise dispensing caps for conservation adhesives, glues, book binders PVA, conservation liquid, metal de-corroder, paint and varnish remover, scratch remover, spirit soap and archival stamping ink.  

Educational: Bottles and caps for acrylic paint, fabric paint, finger paint, face paints, glues, adhesives, screen printing inks, lotion pump bottles for soap, dropper cap bottles for marbling ink, squeezy bottles for block inks. Boxes and jars for beads, sequins, needles, pins, safety pins, collage items and glitter flakes. Spray bottles for surface cleaners, glass, sanitising and multi-purpose cleaners. Gel pump bottles for hand sanitisers. Scoops for spill kits, salt and sawdust. Catering bottles and scoops. First aid and eye wash bottles.