Hobbies & Craft, Fishing & Outdoor

Art Craft: Small clear quality rigid boxes, tubes and jars for easy to find storage of small items such as bead storage, collecting, swivels, buttons, model building items and small parts. Great for jewellery making and necklace components, gaming figures, collectors figures, embroidery beads, glitter, small collage items, needles and pins. Bottles and flip caps for paint and glue, jars for wax and gels, boxes for charcoal and pastels. Tubes for glitter.

Fishing and Angling Packaging Products: Bottles, jars, tubes and containers Ideal for fishing markets - liquid boosters, bait soaks, additives, antiseptic sprays, attractants, boilies. Whether you are looking for a standard screw cap for bottled flavourings and attractants, dropper caps for additives and lubricants or a more functional gel or spray pump for bait activators and sink/float sprays, they have a huge variety of closures available from stock. Jars and measuring scoops are ideal for boilies, pellets, pop ups and liquids.

Gun Maintenance and shooting: Bottles and dropper caps for gun oil & rifle oil, degreaser, pellet lube, gun stock wax, sealer, filler & conditioner, bore solvent, gun grease etc. Tubes for Moly Paste and grease. Boxes and jars for pellets, BB bullets and cleaning felts.

Cake decorating: Jars, tubes and clear boxes for edible glitter, cake decorations, cocoa butter powder, sprinkles, sugar paste, buttercream, cake lace, frosting, lustre food dust, isomalt, Tylo powder, petal dust, modelling paste, liquid jelly and edible glue. Bottles with dispensing caps for icing and sugar craft, liquid essence, liquid glucose, cake spray, food colouring, air brush colours and food flavourings.

Gardening: Plant ties, cable ties, scoops for fertilisers, salt, iron sulphate, moss control, bird food. Bottles for plant feed, pH testing, pest control, fungicide, weed control. 

Spray and dropper bottles for record cleaner, vinyl record reviver, vinyl record anti-static spray, wind instrument cleaner, stringed instrument cleaner, drum cleaner, piano and keyboard cleaner, pump polish, fret oil, lemon oil, vintage instrument restoration, brass cleaner, cymbal cleaner, guitar care. 

Boat cleaner, boat wax, canvas and sail cleaner, fibre glass cleaner, propeller cleaner, hull cleaner, hull varnish. Golf club cleaner.

We supply from one box for one-time buyers up to large quantities for loyal customers.