Home & Bathroom

Bottles in a wide range of shapes and sizes from 2.5ml to 1litre, with dispensing caps and spray pumps for cleaning products, disinfectants, toy cleaner, detergents, surface cleaners, glass cleaners, bathroom spray, wood cleaner, descaler, room fragrance, diffuser refill bottles, room freshener, room spray, stain removal, laundry cleaner, disinfectants, chemical products, leather, metal and silver polish, furniture polish, leather, suede and nubuck conditioner and protector, fabric stain remover, floor cleaner, toilet spray, cedar spray, carpet cleaner and deodoriser, drain cleaner, linseed oil, garden furniture cleaner, gutter cleaner, mould and mildew stain remover, cedar spray,  rinse aid, dishwasher cleaner, washing up liquid, ironing water, pillow spray, vinyl cleaner, computer screen cleaner, hot tub surface cleaner, hot tub filter cleaner, hot tub treatment chemicals, hot tub descaler, hot tub pH kits, scratch remover.

Jars for beeswax, polishing and treatment balms, leather degreaser and colour care products, shoe polish, chrome cleaner, silver polish, table sprinkles, table confetti, wedding confetti, odour eliminating gel, hot tub fragrance beads, water treatment tablets and granules,

Measuring scoops for powder detergent, drain clearing granules, cleaning powder.